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Transforming complex mobility problems into solutions

Trafficon model traffic problems and test alternate scenarios. We simulate efficient safe and sustainable solutions.

Simulation Modelling

Our Bread & Butter

Our solutions are built on accurate, realistic operations using world-renowned, proven software.

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Public Transport

Pedestrian Safety

We integrate buses, cars and people to test complex problems operations and build safe and effective urban spaces.

Traffic Impact

First-Rate Assessments

  • Traffic Capacity Analysis 

  • Traffic Management

  • Signals Coordination

  • Network Configuration

  • Public Transport Priority

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We help our clients develop safe, convenient & desirable spaces alongside our planning and design colleagues to create exciting and sustainable projects. Whether it be shopping centres, homes, offices or cities this is a showcase of much of the work we are doing.

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If you'd like to know more about simulation modelling get in touch with us!

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