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We are driven by curiosity:

curious about why, curious for how, curious for better 

We help our clients develop safe, convenient, desirable spaces:

shopping centres, homes, offices – Cities!

We test mobility options with our planning and

design colleagues to create exciting and sustainable projects. 

We’ve seen and done a lot. But we do love a challenge. You have issues – bring them to us!

We are passionate to do things right.

If you invite us in, we are going to get involved in your project, we will take it personally

and we will meet your deadlines!

We don’t cut corners and we don’t give up on a good idea …..!


Public Transport

People and mobility - integrated, multi-modal transportation



Greenpoint Circle - effective, realistic, accurate


Traffic Impact

Small to large - Integrated mobility, creative solutions


Research & Innovation

Crossroads Options, VR, AI support - talk to us, we have lots to share!


Public Transport Interchange

Integrated, multi-modal passenger needs for access and circulation


Infrastructure Modelling

Testing options - Interchanges, access, circulation, solutions


Pedestrian Safety

People, cars, testing safety, evaluating conflicts 


People Spaces

Effective space for people and cars - what works, what doesn't!

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